ElectroNight Live ft Exotic Matter, Lazenlow & Gypse Freq Circus

ElectroNight Live ft Exotic Matter, Lazenlow & Gypse Freq Circus

Jan 12
9PM - 1AM
*** Free Show Alert*** Electro-night live is the newest installment of Minneapolis' up and coming live electronic bands. With some of the freshest local talent around, this is a show you won't want to miss. Support your locals :) Featuring: Exotic Matter Exotic Matter is a female fronted, 4 piece electronic project created by Winter Ference and Nick Swanson. Starting out as a mere idea, it blossomed into an incredible musical adventure that has grown from being a hobby into a full time passion and career. Without the limitation to a specific sound, Exotic Matter expands across numerous genres, creating an auditory experience that satisfies listeners of all eras and musical tastes. Through the combination of 4 live musicians, and countless hours in the studio and rehearsal space, Exotic Matter brings a new feel to the electronic-based music scene that hasn't been seen or heard ever. Follow them here; Facebook.com/exomatter Reverbnation.com/exoticmatter SoundCloud.com/exoticmattermn Instagram.com/exoticmattermusic Twitter.com/exotic__matter Gypse Freq Circus We are Gypse Freq Circus and we think music is the common thread that holds all humans together. Taking our name from the word gypsy, meaning a nomadic or free-spirited person, we are a live EDM band seeking to incorporate all genres of music and performance art to create a unique experience for the observer. Our group is the concept of producer and bassist Sunshine and production manager Kallie. Since then, weve grown to include Laura on vocals, CJ on percussion, and Ash on violin and guitar. We are fortunate to be able to share our creative visions with you through the help of so many talented individuals, on and off the stage. Together we are inclusive, experimental, whimsical and fun. Everyone is part of our beautiful mosaic, including you! Being human is a complex set of experiences and while many experiences are successful and happy, some are not. We find value in expressing the emotions that are part of all those experiences. We hope our music speaks to people from all walks of life. If we all stand in a circle, we know well find far more similarities drawing us together than pulling us apart. We cant wait to meet you! Follow them here; https://www.facebook.com/gypsefreqcircus/ gypsefreqcircus.com https://twitter.com/gypsefreqcircus https://www.instagram.com/gypsefreqcircus/ https://soundcloud.com/gypsefreqcircus Lazenlow Mixing their eclectic tastes in music, Lazenlow (Singer, Gillian Needham and Ghost Channels on production/guitar) blends eerie vocal compositions with EDM influenced beats. Lazenlow has created a sound of their own. Using their love of electronic, alternative, hip-hop and trip-hop music, the duo is not afraid to push boundaries and defy expectations. Follow them here; Facebook.com/lazenlow instagram.com/lazenlow Soundcloud.com/lazenlow

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