Neighborhood Night with KFAI Vinyl Voices

Tuesday, May 24, 7:00 PM   

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Neighborhood Night with KFAI Vinyl Voices

Hey, neighbor! Do you live in the 55401, 55415, or 55454?

Stop in after 7:00pm every Tuesday night, show your ID and receive 15% off your tab! Spread the word to all your neighbors!

Starting at 8:00pm, KFAI Vinyl Voices will be in spinning records until close.

Vinyl: our mutual obsession. For some, the vinyl resurgence is a brand new experience or a return to an old love. For the DJs of KFAI’s Vinyl Voices, it’s always been a way of life. Fresh Air Community Radio has maintained a living on-air library of over 30,000 LPs and 45s from all corners of the globe.

Some stations in town will put on a “random vinyl pick” like it’s just another passing fad. KFAI has never stopped putting the needle to the groove. We’ve attracted crate diggers and tune spinners of all ages to our airwaves for over 35 years; now, we’re putting these mad men and women out into the streets, bars and brunch spots with their VINYL LUST.


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