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Day Block Brewing Presents:

Home Edition

a slice above the rest

Delicious Pizza

Enjoy all your favorite Day Block Brewing Pizzas in our new take and bake style.

Dough Not Underestimate this pizza

Day Block Brewing Company will always strive to create absolutely delicious pies and as any pizza aficionado knows: the cornerstone of any sought-after pizza starts with the dough. Day Block’s staff prepares our dough in house, allowing the yeast to slowly expand and puff into the most delectable base for any pizza. This time-honored method gives you the benefit of less baking time while providing the ability to tailor your crust to either crunchy or doughy. We’ invest our DOUGH to make sure of your good (pizza) times, at home.



We are all about supporting, building and growing our very own community in every aspect possible. Day Block Brewing Company utilizes local partners that have the same high standards as our own every day. By employing our Triple Green Strategy we can push for ingredients to be made sustainably, responsibly, and with the love and respect that they deserve.


Minneapolis deserves more than just the best dough and ingredients around; our city deserves originality. Day Block Brewing Company is dedicated to crafting pizzas that will expand your palate so much that you can never imagine going back to normal. Imagine the food you love being combined with the best pizza in Minneapolis; this is what we do. We experience the influences around our great city and our artists in the kitchen recreate these incredible flavors with their own interpretation. You don’t have to hunt for the best (and most unique) pizzas in town because we’re here waiting for you!