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downtown minneapolis pizza with unique combinations
Built back in 1883, the Day Block building was once owned by Leonard Day, a local flour milling and lumber industry entrepreneur. Fast forward a few years - a hundred or so, and you will find Day Block Brewing Company. This brewpub now sits at the former cornerstone of some of the most influential flour mills. It was only fitting that Minneapolis's best pizza emerged.

"Pairing good beer with good pizza isn’t a profound concept, but few brewpubs do it better than Day Block Brewing in Minneapolis. "  -

What Makes our Pizza the best?

Ingredients Matter

We seek out producers that can meet our standards: organic, sustainable manner, raised with care & respect. Each individual flavor is taken into consideration, whether it's cooked or simply added on top. Bringing in flavors that can be versatile on many dishes is our goal.  Luckily in Minnesota, it’s fairly easy to find local, organically or equivalent produced ingredients that follow our Triple Green Strategy.

It Starts with the dough

The secret to the best pizza in Minneapolis starts with the dough. We use a combination of ambient and cold fermentation techniques in each ball of dough. Our ingredients are simple: flour, water, salt & yeast - that's it. A top-secret blend of flours gives our dough the "chew and pull" every pizza aficionado looks for with a bit more crispiness than Neapolitan style pizzas but lighter than most New York style.

hand stretched pizza dough

Hand-stretched to perfection

There's a visible difference between rolled and hand-stretched. Airy, crisp and full of holes - that's how you know it's been stretched by hand to perfection. Those blistering and variations in color are a true testament to how we do pizza.

Topped off with Flavor

Most pizzerias use classic Italian flavors on their pizzas. We also use classic flavors but draw inspiration from all the myriad of food cultures represented in Minnesota. What sets us apart are the Latin American, Vietnamese, Scandinavian, North African, Eastern European, Japanese, American and many other influences that guide our pizza making direction every day. Many of our pizza inspirations come from a great meal eaten at one of the many restaurants in our community.

Pizza Menu

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

        The Spiciest Pizza I have Ever Tried

"I went there and ordered a kolsch then the pizza Leviathan caught my eye.
It is very spicy, but the association of different spice makes this pizza actually taste good (almost addictive)
You will drink a lot of beer to finish your pizza, but yeah this is why you are here for. (and beer is reasonably priced)..
It is a nice place, clean, not too noisy (Sunday afternoon) and friendly service (was at the bar)" - Yves-Alexandre, TripAdvisor

       Hunt For The Best (and weirdest) Pizzas In Town

"I've been on a hunt for the best (and weirdest) pizzas in town. Found some great stuff in the last couple months! I wanted to hit this place up last night to try the "Banh Mizza," and it was a huge score. The bartender was knowledgeable, friendly and honest (which I love), made me a great martini while I waited, and chatted with me about the Super Bowl chaos. The atmosphere was welcoming and nice. The place wasn't super packed. Parking was easy - lots of open meters. The Banh Mizza (as well as the Reuben pizza) was so freaking good. The Banh Mizza was pretty staggering. Service was also pretty quick, especially for pizzas which can take awhile at most places." - Chris M., Yelp
Did they convince you yet? Make a reservation, pizza is waiting for you.

Meet The LineUp


pizza restaurant in minnepolis serving a banh mizza

What do you get when you mix Italian & Vietnamese? The Banh Mizza

Ingredients: gochujang mayo, Vietnamese pork, scallion, pickled slaw, cilantro & maple-soy glaze


carolina bbq pizza mixes in southern flavors

 Southern comfort meets Minnesota nice.

 Ingredients: Carolina style bbq sauce, chicken, bacon, cheddar, coleslaw


minneapolis pizza that brings the heat as the spicest one in our line up

There’s Minnesota spice & then there are the Minnesotans that live for the spice

Ingredients: harissa, pulverized ghost pepper, jalapeño, jerk chicken, onion, pepper jack, sriracha mayo (this pizza is SPICY!!!)

Pollo Diablo  

Let your inner Devil Chicken roam with Minneapolis's only Pollo Diablo Pizza! 

Ingredients: house-made salsa verde boosted w/ roasted garlic & habanero puree, chicken, red onions, fresh jalapeños, pepper jack, pulverized ghost pepper, Sriacha mayo


Greek Goddess is the a vegetarian pizza option

A pizza that’ll keep you looking like the goddess that you are

Ingredients: marinara, feta, spinach, garlic, green olives, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, balsamic reduction


vegetarian pizza downtown minneapolis by day block

The most down-to-earth pizza you've ever tasted.

Ingredients: a blend of portabella, hen-of-the-woods, enoki & oyster mushrooms, chimichurri, feta, balsamic reduction ***Add chorizo 2 | 3


Chicken bacon artichoke pizza at day block brewing

Take a ride on the Midwestern side.

Ingredients: jalapeño artichoke spread, roasted chicken, bacon, 5-cheese blend, parmesan, green onion


best pizza minneapolis featuring our italian queen pizza

You are the Italian Queen, Tasty & Sweet - only seen... at Day Block, oh yeah

Ingredients: marinara, garlic sea salt, fresh basil, roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella & balsamic reduction


K-pop pizza brings in korean flavors

Looking for an Asian twist? K, we’ll make the flavors pop.

Ingredients: k-pop sauce, Korean beef brisket, kimchi, peanut sauce, cilantro, scallion


Taco-bout a pizza with flavor that’ll hit you like a truck.

Ingredients: carnitas, radish, cilantro, pickled jalapeño, onion, cotija cheese, salsa verde


family friend pizza options to build your own

We've got pizzas even for the pickiest of picky eaters. You decide what goes on your pie.

Ingredients: Choose from up to 6 toppings ($2-3 per topping): pepperoni, sausage, ham, chicken, bacon, caramelized onion, spinach, mushroom, green pepper, garlic, black olives, green olives, jalapeño, red onion, pineapple, goat cheese, parmesan, cheddar, feta, artichoke hearts


Available only on Sunday until 3pm

Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy...with this Sunday morning pie.

Ingredients: sausage, country gravy, 5 cheese blend


Available only on Sunday until 3pm

Make 'merica great again, one pizza at a time.

Ingredients: marinara, breakfast sausage, scrambled eggs, 5-cheese blend

Stop by for our pizza downtown Minneapolis to get the true Minnesotan experience. Whether your attending a show at the Guthrie Theater a few blocks away or heading to the Stadium down the street, we've got options for you and your family. Make your reservation today!


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