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Dead Days of Winter | Without a Net

Dead Days of Winter | Without a Net

Dead Days of Winter – Without a Net 

$15 Advanced | $20 Day of Show

Day Block Brewing opens at 4pm. Show is from 8pm to 11pm in the Tap Room


HISTORY: It compiles performances from October 1989 to April 1990, and was released in September 1990. The Grateful Dead’s albums had frustrated critics and fans alike for neither approaching nor accurately representing the band’s live concert sound and experience—to the point that band-approved, fan-made tapes were preferred to official releases. The band’s organization had poured profits into sound reinforcement and cutting-edge technology for their concert performances and were likewise frustrated by the seeming shortfall in capturing their sound on album.

With the advent of digital technology, Without a Net was the band’s first contemporary live project in nine years, and featured selections from then-recent tours in an attempt to allow the home listener a closer facsimile of the band’s engulfing sound system. Touting the advancement in production clarity, the accompanying shrink wrap sticker proclaimed: “The world’s grandest, largest, best live recording.”

The resulting album achieved gold-status sales within weeks of its release—the first live album by the band to do so.