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A Concise (and slightly accurate) History of Day Block Brewing Company.

Built in 1883 by Leonard Day, a local entrepreneur involved in the flour milling and lumber industries, our building was named for the fact that Day owned the city block surrounding it. In the 19th century, it was fashionable to name the first building on the lot after its owner followed by the word “block.” The original vanity license plate, if you will.

The entrepreneurial spirit of Day is ingrained in the building, which has housed a hospital, furniture maker, undertaker and a plumbing supply store over the years (also maybe a brothel but we’re just going by public records here). Today, Day’s innovative spirit is carried on through Jeff Hahn, who bought the building in 2005 to house his 3rd floor web development and marketing agency, the 2nd floor Day Block Event Center and the computer graveyard in the basement.

And then there was beer.

Jeff and his brother Chris spent a few years home brewing, on a pilot system , sharing samples with their colleagues on “Beer Fridays.” When the restaurant leasing the first floor failed, the Hahn Brothers took the opportunity to make their dream a reality. They began doing research on brewpubs and ultimately decided to move forward with a brewpub and pizzeria. They also hired a (real) brewer.

Moving into an older building created difficulties for installing the Brew House. Everything had to come in through windows and the tanks in the basement had to be dropped through a hole in the floor! Watch where you sit! Some of the construction work was done by the Hahn Brothers, Dan the brewer, Joe the Head Chef, Stephenie the Front of House Manager and other Day Block staff (another good reason to watch where you sit!)

Jeff decided to name the brewery and restaurant to honor the people and history which came before us. Blood, sweat, tears and now beers have all been spilled in this historic building to make it what it is today. We honor that hard work in everything we do here. Frank’s Red Ale pays tribute to Frank’s Plumbing, which occupied the building for about forty years. Our flagship IPA is named after Leonard Day himself (We haven’t come up with any brothel related names yet… suggestions?)

We also try to honor the city, state, and region that Leonard Day helped build by buying from and working with local farmers and businesses. We’ve invested a lot of time, energy, and of course money to make this brewpub a reality. We hope that you, our customers, our neighbors, our friends, can take the time to have a good time!


Our mission is to cook for you; we create our delicious and unique food by using the best ingredients around. We work with local farmers and producers as much as possible and use as many organic products that we can. We take pride in cooking, from scratch and by hand. We are baking bread, pickling all sorts of stuff and fermenting our own kimchi and sauerkraut on a daily basis. We make all our own sauces, salad dressings and spice blends. We even wash dishes when we’re done! Thanks for choosing to Invest In Good Times with us!