Stadium Blonde

blonde ale

This recipe consists of Pilsner malt, the most basic flavor neutral malt, some American Munich malt (Munich means it is lightly kilned and caramelized bringing out a richer flavor) flaked yellow corn, flaked barley, and a little bit of cara-pilsner malt (malt that has been dried in such a way during processing that it has more protein, so adding it to a beer give you a nice foamy head in the final product). This beer style was a staple a long time ago for a reason, the ingredients were cheap and it was an easier style than most to make, and it was good. We used traditional cluster hops exclusively in this beer. Before prohibition cluster hops were the predominant variety of hops growing all over the country. Wisconsin used to be one of the nations largest hop producers, so for homage to history we used cluster too.
IBU: 13
ABV: 4.4%
P: 12